The Project

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Learn about how we are planning to turn of the most polluted schools in London,
one of the greenest: a model for all the others to follow.

A bit of History

In September 2017 St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Chiswick was listed by the Mayor of London’s office as one of the 50 most polluted schools in London because of its position next to the A4, with its flow of at least 80,000 vehicles a day. In 2019 the Times put it on the first place of the list of the most polluted in the whole borough of Hounslow.
A group of parents have started looking at ways to tackle the problem and turn the school in to one of the greenest in London.

The campaign, backed by our local MP Ruth Cadbury and the Chiswick and Turnham Green councillors (Labour and conservatives working together on the same project!)  was very successful attracting hundreds of backers and dozens of companies and business alike. In October 2018 the Mayor of London awarded it with £32,000 as “one of London’s best civic initiatives”.

Several celebrities got on board too and sent various video messages endorsing the project: David Dimbleby, Jeremy Paxman, Claudia Winkleman, Emma Thompson among several others.

In less than three month the newly named “Chiswick Oasis” raised almost £100,000, was featured on every possible media outlet, on TV, from Sky News, ITV, C5, on the radio (BBC 2, Radio 5 Live, LBC) and on newspapers like The Metro, the Independent, the Daily Mail and recently twice on the Times, including on its front page.

The Plan

  • We’ve already installed a 126 metre long living wall showcasing more than 12,000 plants along the perimeter of our playground. Recent studies tell us that green walls can reduce pollution by anything between 15% to 48%  (Click for more info). Now we want to extend this green wall even higher.
  • We have installed an Air Purification unit into one of classrooms. This will clean up to 95% of the air inside. Now we want to add one in each class
  • We are campaigning for the A4 to be included as part of Transport for London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (under the current scheme, that stretch of road is excluded).
  • We are running “No Cars Friday” events, encouraging parents to walk to school. Now we want other schools to join us
  • We are painting the school with special paint that claims it will “cleans the air” by as much as 88%  (click here for more info). Now we want to paint the whole school
  • We are buying more and more new plants for each room in the school.
  • We will be pushing recycling schemes to transform the school to as close to a 100% recycling school as possible.
  • We’ll be looking at ways to improve the well being of our children with the help of professional environmentalists, landscape designers and architects and creating a sustainable future and make the school a model for others to follow.


Thanks to the wonderful community of parents, carers, friends and businesses from Chiswick and beyond, we’ve been able to raise £75,202 to fund the green wall.

We’ll still need money not just to maintain it but to strengthen the brick wall itself under the living wall, so that this can grow higher and we can maximise its impact on stopping the pollution from the A4.

We’re also raising money to buy some the very expensive air purifiers needed (one unit per classroom at least) to get our children to breathe cleaner air.

You can help us by making a donation on


Living WallOur 126 metres living wall contains over 12000 plants and is divided in 3 parts.

An educational wall, where children will be encourage to learn about herbs and plants and even plant and take care of their own.

An ivy wall, this is ironically the cheapest one and the most effective in terms of helping out with the pollution.

The showcase wall: this will be part of the “Chiswick Oasis” playground which eventually will be open to the public for fairs, markets and special events.

Click Here to learn more about the Chiswick Oasis Green wall