The first #NoCarsFriday

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Our first #NoCarsFriday could not have been any smoother. Even the weather seemed to be on our side for once.

Are children proudly showed their stamped hands to their teachers and were allowed to have an extra house point for that.

We’re very grateful to all those who took part and to those who didn’t but understood where we were coming from and what we were trying to do.

We are not certainly trying to create discontent or division between people who have no other alternatives to driving and those who live nearby. We are certainly NOT enforcing this to anyone, nor we are trying to demonise drivers or add more stress to their day.

We are just slowly trying to make people aware that there may be other ways (even if sometimes not the easiest ones) so that even if they do drive to school today, maybe on the following week-end, given the choice to use their car or not, they might decide not to.

Today we now all know what pollution does to all us, especially our children, and with that knowledge comes more responsibility to accept the extra inconvenience in order to make positive change happen.
After all we’re all on the same boat… Well, actually,  planet.

Thanks to everyone for understanding, making an effort.

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On the 3rd of May we had draw outside the school and picked up our winner:

Huge thanks to Big Jim’s Trims for their kind offer: a free haircut and a goodie bag from

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