Air Purifiers

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After an extensive research of several months we found the best air purifiers for our classes are the ones from IQAir from Commercial Air Filtration.

It was important to choose a company who does not work for any particular one manufacturer but are an independent supplier of air filtration systems and work with the best brands from around the world.

We sought advice on systems and technologies used, to make sure we could  make a well-informed decision.

IQAir air filtration systems have contributed to a considerable reduction in air pollutants in educational institutions in over 80 countries worldwide..

A recent study, published at the International Indoor Air Conference, confirms that the IQAir systems are able to protect classrooms from up to 96% of soot, PM 2.5 and ultra-fine particles. A peer-reviewed study like this, in a scientific journal like Indoor Air, is probably the best indicator to look at in regard of the seriousness and effectiveness of the IQAir systems

The below list shows some of the health care facilities, government institutions and corporations that have chosen IQAir systems for their air cleaning requirements.

Click here to download a Pilot_study for_classroom applications

These are the IQAir filters after about 12 months of usage in a house facing the A4 only a couple of hundred metres away from St Mary’s School.

IQ Air HealthPro 150 Filters copy.jpg