Time to do more

November 2020 It's easy to forget in among all the talks about the pandemic, the economical crisis and people loosing their jobs as a result of 2 lockdowns (so far...), the issue of air pollution still stands. Traffic has increased exponentially along the roads with more and more people trying to avoid to cram into … Continue reading Time to do more


We are on the Observer!

It was the only great national papers missing and last Sunday we finally appeared on the Observer too (and the Guardian Online),  courtesy of @harrietsherwood You can also download the article here  

Grand Opening

Sadiq Khan opens 400ft ‘green wall’ to fight air pollution at Chiswick school after celebrity backed campaign 29th June 2019, 1100-1800 St Mary’s School, Duke Rd, Chiswick, London W4 2DF 29th June 2019, London -- The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will unveil a 400ft ‘green wall’ and other measures to tackle air pollution at … Continue reading Grand Opening

The plaque

This is what we are planning to have next to the green wall and unveiled at our launch on the 29th of June. Could you please take a moment making sure your name is spelt correctly. Any issue please email us ASAP. thanks