This week’s Newsletter

This was sent today to all parents in school as a quick update

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying our newly built “green wall”. I just wanted you to know that this is only #Phase #1, as we are counting to go even higher very soon.
You can see a short video of the making of this wall here
The right side of the green wall, which we call “Educational wall”,  has some empty slots for our children to grow their own plants. More details on this soon.
I also just wanted to remind you that the wall comes with a 5 years free maintenance.
Next term, between September and October, Trees for Cities will inject further £30,000 in more green features (plants, hedges, vegetable gardens etc…).
Over the half term break we have also been painting the dining hall and the kitchen with a special paint which is supposed to “clear the air”.
It’s too early to draw some definite conclusion yet, but in the past 4 days both pm2.5 and VOC seem to have dropped drastically. I’ll be monitoring the air closely over the next month and will keep you posted on the results.
Next week the Council will finally install the first Air purifying unit (worth £4.5k, free of charge!) in the reception class. More units will be installed very soon inside all the other classes.
Next week will also see the Recycling Team from Enjoy Work coming in to teach our children and to help out staff turning the school into a recycling beacon. The ultimate vision will be to recycle even our food waste to then use as compost.
This Thursday (6th of June) we’ve invited West London schools at 7pm at the Hogarth Youth Centre, to listen to what we did and how we did it,  but also to start creating a bigger network of schools concers about air quality, so that we can all speak with one louder voice: 51 schools have already signed up to the event.
You can sign to the event here.
Finally,  just a reminder for everyone, this Friday is going to be another #NoCarsFriday. More prizes on the way
Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check our website for regular updates and don’t forget about our launch on the 29th of June. Spread the word too!!
Kind regards to all