Gearing up towards the launch

Last Friday (21st of June), was a busy day at St Mary’s school.

First of all the leader of the Council, Cllr Steve Curran, visited St Mary’s school and the new 126 metre long living wall with its 12,000 plants in preparation for the big launch on Saturday the 29th of June. Just a few days ago the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, confirmed that he will be attending the event and Cllr Curran wanted to make sure things will be running smoothly.


Cllr Curran met with Andrea Carnevali, the man behind the Chiswick Oasis project and talked about his plan to involve Hounslow Highways in several recycling initiatives for the day of the launch. This will also give the opportunity to highlight the positive contributions made in young peoples engagement with environmental issues, including the Playstreets events which perfectly fit with the #NoCarFriday that the school has been running for months.
The plan for the launch is to welcome the Mayor on his arrival, walk him through the several Clean Air initiatives that the school has undertaken: the green wall, the plants, the air purifiers and the “air purifying paint” from Airlite, which since it has been applied in the dining hall 2 weeks ago, seems have brought down the level of NO2 by about 95%.
The Mayor of London will also add a plant to the living wall with his own name and eventually he will unveil 2 plaques which have been made for the occasion. One of them has the names of all the people who have been donating for this wall
(To see the plaque that it’s been made for the green wall click here)
Ruth Cadbury MP  will also be attending as well as Cllr Curran and Cllr Loki, Mayor of Hounslow. Cllr Loki, will be asked to pick up a random winner for our #NoCarFriday from the day before. The prize will a free meal for two at the Italian Job in Deveonshire Road.
In the afternoon 300 new plants were delivered to the school: a mixture of lavender and rosemary, which were then installed by a group of children from year 4. This was a sort of trial for what’s going to happen at the launch.
Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 17.51.44
Everyone attending will get the chance to add one plant to the green wall and then mark it with their own name, and basically,  owe a piece of the Chiswick Oasis.