Airlite is a wall coating that looks and behaves like paint. It’s a powder that you mix in any of 180 colours.

Airlite’s hidden magic is the way in which it cleans away pollutant particles, mould, bacteria and germs, dirt and dust, all of which are carried in the air. When these particles meet a wall that has been painted with Airlite, they are actively attacked and broken down into safe molecules. The paint is effective for up to ten years and has been extensively trialled and tested in Europe over the past decade, to prove its claims.

Internal air quality is far worse than that which is outside, as our buildings hold onto a toxic mix of dirt that is carried in, pollution from passing traffic, VOC’s from carpets, curtains and furniture and chemicals from beauty products, cooking ingredients and cleaning materials. This is what we and our children breathe in every day. Ironically, the more we clean our buildings and repaint and refresh them, the more we top up the chemicals that they leach into the air. Paint is a very dirty building material but there is no benzene, formaldehyde or VOC’s in Airlite. This means there is no smell. It dries within two hours and you can paint a room and teach in it the same day.

Airlite paint will clear the air up to 88%, get rid of bad odours and mould