Painting starts in the kitchen

Today we’ve begun to redecorate St Mary’s Kitchen with a special paint from Airlite.


Benefits of Airlite paint.

Reduces odours

Airlite reduces odours without filters, deodorants, waste, or upkeep by actively breaking down odour molecules.


In a world of superbacteria and constantly-evolving microbes, Airlite keeps our indoor environments healthier and cleaner.


Thanks to the combination of light activation and natural alkaline properties, Airlite stops moulds from developing on walls and ceilings, creating a healthier and safer environment

Repels dust and airborne dirt

Airlite attracts water molecules in the air to create an invisible, protective film on the wall that blocks dirt and dust from attaching.

Reduces air pollution

Made with natural materials, Airlite reduces pollutants like nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide, returning air to a purer and more pristine state. (read more)

Cuts cooling costs by up to 29%

Airlite reflects warm rays of sunlight, reducing energy consumption costs.