Call for Volunteers

During the half term break, between Monday the 27th of May and Monday the 3rd of June, we’ll be repainting the dining room and the kitchen at St Mary’s Primary with a special paint donated for free by a company called Airlite. Such new paint is meant to improve the quality of the air inside the room by 88%..

arlite banner

For the past few weeks we’ve been monitoring the levels of the air inside the room and we’ll carry on doing so after the job has been done so that we can produce proper data proving the (hopefully positive) effects that the paint has.
If happy with the results we’ll then move to paint the rest of the school.
We’ve got a professional painter leading this whole process throughout the whole week. Another professional, sent by Enjoy Work, will be on site on Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday the 29th as well.
However the rooms are fairly large and we will certainly need as much as help from volunteers as we can get.
Get in touch with us and be part of this amazing movement as we are transforming one of the most polluted schools in London into one of the greenest.
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